Team: Biophysics and bioinformatics

Laboratory of Plant Cell Biophysics and Biochemistry

Head of the team:

V.P. Domansky, PhD


Main research trends:

  1. Biophysical aspects of chloroplast functioning.
  2. Biosystem simulation and model visualization.
  3. Biosensors and biochips.
  4. Computer technologies and intellectual programs in plant cell investigation. Automation of biophysical studies.

Important results:

  • The existence of protein complexes, being precursors of pigment-protein complexes of photosynthetic apparatus in green plants, was shown and their immunoidentification was carried out in etiolated plants.
  • New data were obtained on the structural organization of the final stages of Chl formation. An original model of Chl etherification and Shibata shift processes was proposed.
  • Biosensor was designed on PSII basis for detecting herbicides in water, soil and agricultural produce.
  • Instrument was designed for measuring productivity of hydrogen-forming microorganisms.
  • A computerized installation is being designed for studying PSII variable fluorescence.
  • Methods for monitoring plant growth under field conditions, indicative of vitally important plant needs for lighting, moisture and mineral nutrition components, are under development. The methods are based primarily on spectroscopy and measurements of chlorophyll fluorescence directly in plant during its vegetation.
  • In the field of environment preservation: unicellular alga-based biosensors and detection methods are being developed for estimating water and air pollution. Different types of alga cell-semiconductor structure relationship are under investigation for providing the simplest way of signal transduction in biosensor and biochip.
  • Research on photosynthetic effectiveness of narrow-band light sources - light emitting diodes are surveyed, with the aim of creation the most effective light sources for industrial plant growing.

LED-Lamp V1LED-Lamp V2