Team: Biophysics and biochemistry of plant cell with modified genome

Laboratory of Plant Cell Biophysics and Biochemistry

Head of the team:

Nikolai V. Shalygo

Doctor of Biological Sciences

Tel. +375 (17) 284-22-51


Main research trends:

  1. Development of theoretical bases of ecological plant stability and technologies of its monitoring.
  2. Dynamics of (photo)oxidative processes and functioning of protective antioxidant plant systems under normal and stress conditions and with genome modification.

Important results:

  • It was established that in plant cells accumulating an excess amount of porphyrins, plastids are a major cell compartment where photooxidative processes are initiated by the light.
  • Development of phytodynamic effect (PDE) was shown to depend not only on the amount of photosensibilizator porphyrins, but also on the activity of antioxidant plant systems, in particular, on the content of their low-molecular components.
  • The target (uroporphyrinogen III-decarboxylase) was found in Chl biosynthesis pathway. One can cause effective porphyrinogenesis affecting this enzyme. The results obtained can be the basis for developing new herbicide preparations of photodynamic action.
  • The relationship between individual parameters of antioxidant systems can be the basis of monitoring high-promising ecologically resistant cereal cultivars.