Laboratory of Molecular Biology of Cell

Head of the Laboratory:

Volotovski Igor Dmitrievich

Academician, doctor of sciences in biology, professor

Tel.: +375(017)284-15-68


Laboratory staff

Fifteen persons works in the laboratory, of them:

  • Head of the laboratory,
  • 4 senior research workers,
  • 2 research workers,
  • 3 junior research workers,
  • 4 laboratory assistance,
  • 1 engineer.


The laboratory was founded as the Laboratory of Chlorophyll in 1945. The first Head of the laboratory was Academician of the Academy of Sciences of BSSR, Professor T.N. Godnev. In 1967 the Laboratory was transformed into the Laboratory of Biophysics and Isotopes of the Academy of Sciences of BSSR (since 1973 - Institute of Photobiology of the Academy of Sciences of BSSR, since 2004 - Institute of Biophysics and Cell Engineering of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus). From 1974 to 1994 the laboratory was headed by Dr. E.V. Chodasevich. Since 1988 the laboratory was renamed into the Laboratory of Photoregulation of Cellular Processes. In 1994 it was united with the Laboratory of Biophysics of Photobiological and Receptor Processes (founded by I.D. Volotovsky) and up to now the Head of the laboratory is Academician of NASB, Professor I.D.Volotovsky. Since 2003 the Laboratory was renamed into the Laboratory of Molecular Biology of Cell.

Scientific Research Trends:

Molecular basis of intracellular signaling in plant and animal biological systems, biophysics and biochemistry of photobiological processes, proteome diagnostics, nanotoxicology, application of genetic-engineering methods for producing plants with predetermined properties.

Research Teams:

  1. Team of plant genomics
  2. Team of molecular biology of animal cell
  3. Team of molecular biology of plant cell

Advances and Main Results

Prospects of Scientific Research


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