Laboratory of Biophysics and Engineering of Cell

Acting Head of the Laboratory:  

Maria A. Martynova, Ph.D

Tel. +375 (17) 284-23-61


The body of the laboratory:

  • head of the laboratory;
  • сhief researcher – 1;
  • senior researcher  – 2;
  • researcher  – 2;
  • junior researcher  – 6;
  • engineer – 1.

    Of them: 1 D.Sc. and 5 Ph.D.


    Laboratory is founded in 1967 by the academician NAN Belarus, D.Sc., professor S.V. Konev as sector of molecular bioenergy of the Laboratory biophysics and isotope AS BSSR (from 1973 - An Institute of Photobiology of AS BSSR).
    1974 - 2003 - was a laboratory of Biophysics and Photobiology of Membranes of Institutes of Photobiology of NAS of Belarus.
    In 2004 laboratory was transformed in laboratory of Biophysics and Engineering of Cell.
    From 1969 to 2005 head of the laboratory was the academician NAN Belarus, D.Sc., professor Sergey V. Konev.
    Acting Head of the Laboratory - Ph.D. Maria A. Martynova.

    Scientific Research Trends:

    • Structural Biology of apoptosis. Computer-based structure-based drug design.
    • Regularities for formation of liposomes containing medicinal agents. Ozone technologies for products disinfection.
    • Developing technology of determination of cancer cells sensitivity to antitumor drugs.
    • Synaptic basis for brain diseases development and correction of brain diseases by metabolic therapy.

    Research Teams:

    1. Team: Synapse
    2. Team: Liposomal forms of drug preparations and ozonobiology
    3. Team: Structural biophysics of cell

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