Laboratory of Medical Biophysics

Head of the Laboratory:

Ekaterina I. Slobozhanina

Corresponding Member of NASB, Doctor of Biological Sciences,
Ph.D., State prize winner of the Republic of Belarus (RB)

Tel: +375(17)284-09-96,

Laboratory staff:

Twelve persons work in the laboratory:

  • Head of the Laboratory,
  • 2 Senior Research workers,
  • 1 Research worker,
  • 6 Junior Research workers,
  • 1 Engineer,
  • 1 Laboratory assistant with higher education,
  • 2 Post-graduates.


The laboratory was founded in 1975 as the laboratory of Physico-Chemistry of Biological Membranes. From 1975 to 1999 the laboratory was headed by Professor E.A. Chernitsky, D.Sc., Ph.D., State prize-winner of RB. In 2004 the laboratory was renamed into the Laboratory of Medical Biophysics. Since 1999 the head of the laboratory is Professor E.I. Slobozhanina, Corresponding Member of NASB, D.Sc., Ph.D., Belarus State prize-winner of RB.

Scientific Research Trends:

  • Investigations of biophysical mechanisms of cell adaptive responses to the impact of biotic and abiotic factors.
  • Investigations of molecular-membrane mechanisms of pathologic process development in organism for clearing up pathogenesis and working up new methods of diagnostics and treatment of human diseases.

Within the framework of these scientific trends the following things are studied:

  • Regulation of oxidative processes in human blood cells.
  • Changes in structure and functions of human blood cells membranes under pathology.
  • Molecular mechanisms of regulation of the activity of membrane transport proteins, associated with stability of cells to xenobiotics effect.
  • Distribution of lipid domains and proteins on the surface of plasma membranes of human blood cells, induced by toxic and potentially toxic microelements.

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