Laboratory of Applied Biophysics and Biochemistry

Head of the Laboratory:

Corresponding member of NAS of Belarus, D. Sci.,

associated professor Liudmila F. Kabashnikova,

Tel. (+375 17) 284-28-88,
E-mail: kabashnikova


12 scientists:

1 - head of the Laboratory

1 - leading researcher

2 - senior researchers

7 - researcher

7 - junior researchers


The Laboratory was founded in 1981 as Laboratory of Photosynthetic Apparatus Physiology. Until 1997 it was headed by the Corresponding Member of NASB, Professor, D. Sc. M.T. Chaika. Since 1997 the laboratory has been heading by corresponding member of NAS of Belarus L.F. Kabashnikova. Since 2003 the laboratory has been called Laboratory for Applied Biophysics and Biochemistry.

Main Directions of Scientific Research:

Investigation of the biophysical and biochemical principles in plant system functioning for development of new diagnostic and adaptive technologies for agriculture.

- Study of structural and functional state of plants and mechanisms of adaptation at the level of membranes, organelles, cells and cenosis to extreme abiotic and biotic environmental factors.

Scientific substantiation and development of cellular biotechnologies for obtaining plant substances enriched in anthocyanins and resveratrol, to create drugs with antioxidant action.

- Working out of new express methods of diagnostics of plant resistance to stress impact.

- Development and application in industry of new biofungicides on the base of alkaloids of plant origin.

- Development and application in industry of new technological methods of cereal grain capsulation using polymers and natural growth regulators, immumodulators, adaptogenes and microelements.

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