Laboratory of Biophysics and Engineering of Cell


  • Byelorussian State University (Minsk)
  • Byelorussian State Medical University (Minsk)
  • Minsk Municipal Oncologic Dispensary (Minsk)
  • Republic  Research-practical centre  of  Oncology and Medical Radiology (Lesnoe, Minsk Region)
  • Byelorussian State Pedagogical University (Minsk)
  • Malinovshchiznensky EVF “Akvadiv” (Malinovshchina, Molodechno Region)
  • RUE “The Institute for Fruit Growing” (Samohvalovichy, Minsk Region)
  • Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology of Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow)
  • Pharmacology Department at Cambridge University (Cambridge, Great Britain)
  • Laboratory of Molecular Biology at Cambridge University (Cambridge, Great Britain)
  • Albany Medical College Union University (Albany, USA)
  • Koshan Institute of Cancer (Paris, France)