Prospects of Scientific Research

Laboratory of Applied Biophysics and Biochemistry
Fundamental research

  1. Redox regulation research in photosynthesizing cells as bases for working out of new directions of increase to effect of exogenous abiotic and biotic stressors.
  2. Research molecular and membrane immunity mechanisms as bases of new biotechnologies of increase of agricultural plants resistance to action of extreme factors of an environment and phytopathogenesis.

Applied research

  1. Working out and introduction in an agricultural production of ecologically safe processing methods of pre-sowing treatment of seeds and growing plants of grain crops and flax on the basis of complex use of new polymers, regulators of growth, microelements and protection compounds of plants.
  2. Working out of highly effective methods of cultivation of the higher plants − producers of valuable biologically active substances with use of physical and chemical external stimulus, immobilization, etc.
  3. Working out of essentially new methods of protection of the vegetable cultures which are grown up on hydroponics in the greenhouse, based on an induction of resistance to infection in plants.